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If you perform a search on Google, or do a youtube search, which is something that everyone does on a daily basis, you will see just how often YouTube videos rank in the top results. It is for this reason that YouTube has become one of the best ways to market your program or brand, especially since it’s basically free to do so. That said, simply making a video and uploading it to the website is not enough, at least of you want to be the one that is sitting at the top of the rankings when a relevant search term is used. You can get there, though, and a 24-minute video can show you how to do it in no time at all, and help you start to see how much money can you make on youtube.

This amazing video is not aimed at amateur filmmakers and those adept behind the camera, but at anyone that wants to harness the power of youtube search to help market their business. Tube Traffic Mojo basically takes you by the hand and shows you all of the things you need to do in order for your video to rank. What’s important to not here is that these are all steps that most people don’t think about when they use YouTube, which is why their video marketing efforts fall flat.

While you might believe that the 24-minute video will be all about adding special effects and the like to make your video more exciting, you would in fact be wrong. These are all techniques that anyone can use, even if they have very little experience making videos or using YouTube. What you will learn has more to do with what you do when uploading the video than it does with making it. After all, the goal is to rank high in the search engines, not to become the next Steven Spielberg. The only real advice the video gives about making your own clips is to always be yourself. Viewers react better to someone that they believe is honest and friendly than they do to overblown special effects.

Some of the things that you will learn about in the Tube Traffic Mojo video are about such things as the title you attach to your video. Most people put very little thought into that part of the process, but it is actually crucial in getting found and ranked. Those same rules apply to the description that you add to your video, as well as the filename that you use when it is being uploaded. These are all little details that many people forget about in their rush to get their video ranked high on youtube search engine.

Before you take the time to put together a video that will serve as a major part of your marketing efforts, you owe it to yourself to watch the FREE 24-minute Tube Traffic Mojo video that will outline the crucial steps you need to follow once the camera stops rolling. You’ll find that getting your videos ranked is more about what you do behind the scenes than anything you can do in front of the camera. You will be surprise just how much money can you make on youtube.

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