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connectYou know something has to be major when it is described by experts as “the biggest invention in the history of the internet” and that is why you need to hear about WebRTC Video Conferencing. The real-time communication tool, WebRTC, is set to become the standard in online video communication. Users will quickly and easily be able to deliver files directly from their web browser.

It is estimated that WebRTC will have upwards of 1.5 billion users by the end of 2016, with the tool being installed on roughly 4 billion devices by that time. One of the first companies to hope on board the WebRTC train is Talk Fusion CONNECT, who deliver Video Conferencing, Live Broadcasting, and Desktop Share tools.

How does  WebRTC Video Conferencing news impact Talk Fusion users? It means that there is a huge wealth of untapped potential now waiting, which will only increase as the demand for video conferencing and live broadcasting grows. The move will be on to find affordable, easy to use tools in this area, which is exactly what Talk Fusion CONNECT delivers. To make things even more exciting, Talk Fusion has patent pending rights on the technology, which means that no other company will be able to produce a product that does what CONNECT is able to do.

Talk Fusion customers can take advantage of Video Conferencing, Live Broadcasting, and Desktop Share with the convenience of WebRTC capabilities right now! Other similar products are on the outside looking in at this technology, yet they are still asking that you purchase and install their software at inflated prices. You can get WebRTC right now via Talk Fusion CONNECT, and all you have to pay is a monthly fee as low as $35. That will give you the power to meet, chat, and share from any camera enabled device where an internet connection is available.

WebRTC is destined to be the future of video communication. The future is now if you decide to partner with Talk Fusion CONNECT today and start using the first professional version of WebRTC Video Conferencing !

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