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Do you look at your calendar and see it packed full of business related appointments and ask yourself, Are the upcoming holidays a good time for your home business?

Have you outlined a plan that will allow you to work on your at home business during the holiday season?

There are many people that look at the holiday season as a time to slow down and relax because no-one want to talk about business during that time.
Are You Sure? I’ve seen more than a few top recruiters recruit on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. That’s the truth!! But, how did they do it, you ask? Gently.

They also knew some of the top reasons why your business can really take off in the holiday season.
The question is, do you know them?

You can take these tips to heart or choose to ignore them. That choice is yours. Take my advice, though, driving just one if these through your business during the holidays will deliver a serious boost.

Keep this in mind: Business does not slow down or grind to a halt over the holidays. Distributors might do so, but leaders do not.
Let that settle for a minute, and then read it again.

That’s the golden rule that many business people forget and if you are ready to kick your home business into high gear this holiday season- GREAT!!

So, what exactly are the some of the top reasons?

People Getting Together

The holidays always seem to bring people together, which usually results in a large number of conversations. Don’t make the mistake of bombarding people with your business and instead allow them to bring it up to you naturally. Let them ask you about the products you are using, to which you can ask them about their hopes for the coming year and the changes and resolutions they plan on having. Find that weak spot, and when the holiday season is over, as if they were really serious about making those changes.

Focusing Forward

It’s at this time of year when people are most “Forward Focused” and ready for change. Stoke their fires by asking what changes they plan on making in the new year and why.
This recruiting step almost always hits the target. Face to face or online, this is where you can show how their Forward Focus can be turned into a Force of Fortune. Ask them to describe their past year in a single word and listen. This is where you will find your opening and recruiting magnet.

The Economy

This is something each of us already knows. The economy is more of a conversation started now that it may have ever been. Ask people about their opinions of what is happening and how it is affecting them personally. Is the economy helping or do they want more? Ask them to explain in detail how the economy is helping or hurting them right now.
Ask if there is anything specific about their lifestyle that they want to change, being sure to listen. They are dropping the clues that you need to know in order to recruit them.

Peoples Emotions

There is something about the holidays at this time of year that brings emotion to the forefront. Never is it more prevalent than during the holiday season. What you need to do is tap into that emotion and get people telling why they love this season so much. Get to the heart of what they love, but also find out what changes they could make that would make them love their life even more. It’s a proven fact that emotions tend to make people want to talk, especially since they feel they are encased in their “safe place” in their mind. Find the changes they want to make NOW and help facilitate them.

New Technology

We live in an incredibly mobile world nowadays, which means that the speed at which we connect through social media is unlike anything ever seen before. You can use this dependence on technology to your advantage. Send a Video holiday greeting, or send a simple text to let people know that you have been thinking about them. Use all of your social media networks to really reach out and connect with people. Take some time to get to know them and always stay connected.
Technology = The Accelerator.

People Are Seeking Change.

People seem to have a natural habit of thinking about how to make their lives better when the holidays arrive. They spend an inordinate amount of time seeking those answers. Many will vocalize or even use social media to let you know that they are not pleased with their lot in life.
This is your chance to make them happy. Use this opportunity to show them how positive change can generate real profits in their life. Ask them if they have a plan for change and show how you can help.

People Are At Home

The vast majority of people get a few days off over the holidays. The perfect time to start talking to them about working from home is when they are already there and loving the time away from work. Show them that they can stay home and make a living.
Ask if they are looking forward to going back to work and you are sure to be met with a resounding “NO.” Then ask if they have ever given any thought to staying home and working from there – EASY!

More Open To Talk

People get chatty during the holidays, even when they are not ordinarily the talkative type. Use that opportunity to get them talking about themselves and the plans they have for the year ahead. Talk about credit cards and how to get them paid off early. Ask them what the holidays mean to them and about the people in their life. Then ask about what else they wish they had in their life.
Talk about THEM and nothing else.
If you can only say one thing at your holiday gathering, say this: “I really need your help with something. I know this is a bad time, so can we arrange to have a conversation for a few minutes when the holidays are over?”
This is a question that can be used both off and online.

Frustration. Anger. Resentment

We are living in a time where people seem to be more frustrated than ever before. That often turns to anger, which usually spills over into a resentment of their job, their boss, and their weekly paycheck. They are often very open to talking about that with anyone who will listen, so be the one to do that and then offer them a way out.

Ask them if they are willing to continue down the same old road or if they want an alternative that can bring them some real happiness. Share your happiness with them and show them the steps you took to get there.
Get social, get mobile and show as many people as you can that you are the Solution Specialist who can help them.

Those are some of the reasons why you can explode your MLM home business over the holidays.

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