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Target MarketingSimply put, you can use the process of Article Marketing  to  write articles that will be informative and entertaining to a specific target market, and then placing them in places where a lot of people can see them.

The goal with your articles should be to make the reader curious about the content so that they will seek more information. As such, you should never divulge all the details in your work. Each article should end with a call to action that the reader cannot resist. You are using articles to drive people to your site to create sales, which is why that last detail is so important.

The information you provide will help establish you as an authority and build trust. Keeping some of the details out of the piece will make the reader crave more and lead them to click on through to your website or affiliate link. You are essentially teasing the reader from a Target Market with free information in an effort to reel them in to a sale once they see the big picture.

Article marketing is great for those who want to sell products, build a team of affiliates, or create a list of potential sales leads. People will happily follow when you are able to consistently deliver information that they know they can trust.

There are some things to steer clear of in article marketing, starting with talking about yourself. The article is about the reader, not you. Deliver information that will be helpful, but try to avoid using private label articles without first editing them to make them totally unique. Don’t resort to cheap spinner software to change the articles, as the results are generally awful. Edit the articles line by line and put your own unique voice into all the changes you make.

Article Marketing is developed over time, which means a single article won’t deliver great results. Build on each article by delivering more that are useful, and which answer specific questions. Keep them concise, with less than 1,000 words usually the way to go. If you can’t get all the information out in that limited number of words, break the article into a series of parts.

Get your message out there by submitting your work to articles to directories, blogs, and Ezines, with the latter being especially effective for a Target Market. An Ezine submission allows your work to stand alone as opposed to getting buried in a busy directory. Blogs have a similar power as ezines, so consider asking blog owners to allow you to guest post.

Try to write at least one article per week and up that number as you become more proficient and build a following. Make sure to check for spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting, as too many of either can kill your credibility. A well-written article will continue to deliver fresh new leads on auto-pilot, especially if it’s a piece that people share via social networks. Just imagine how many people will get to see your offer if you have numerous articles going viral all over the internet. That is the true power of article marketing.

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