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pinterestbizIf you know how to use it correctly, you can make Pinterest Marketing Work For Your Business.

Shareaholic puts Pinterest ahead of the likes of Twitter, Google, Reddit, and many more when it comes to generating sales. If you are reading this and still don’t know much about Pinterest, then let’s take a moment to recap. Pinterest is a social networking site that allows you to “pin” photos to virtual boards. You can create albums that are about a specific niche or theme, making it easy to organize your items. It’s a great way for businesses to brand themselves, so let’s now look at 10 ways Pinterest can help your business:

  1. Create Niche Boards – We suggest that you start with 10 boards that have at least 4 items pinned in them. Make sure to do that when you start promoting the boards, as empty slots are just not appealing. Make sure to use high quality images, and employ shortened links that allow you to track the traffic you generate from Pinterest.
  2. Business Branding – Always have your business name featured on your Pinterest profile. The easiest way to do that is to use your business name as your username. Make sure to properly fill in the “About” section with a brief description of your business, whilst also making sure that your Facebook and Twitter business accounts are linked to your Pinterest profile.
  3. Like the Pins of Other Pinterest Users – Re-pinning relevant content posted by other users is a great idea, but what about content that doesn’t fit your niche? If you see something that catches your eye, but which isn’t niche relevant, you should still take time to “Like” it, as this may also result in that user following your boards.
  4. Employ Hashtags (#) To Help With Search Results – If you are a regular Twitter user, you already know how this works. If you have a board related to golf, use #golf when adding descriptions to your content. This will help increase your exposure and your number of followers.
  5. Mention Other Pinterest Users – A good way to get the attention of another user is to user their profile name in your descriptions or comments. Simply add the @ symbol before their user name to have it link back to their profile. Keep in mind that this can only be done for users who at following at least one of your boards.
  6. Use Browser Extensions – Pinning content to Pinterest is not a time consuming task, but you can make it even more simplified by adding a Pinterest extension to your favorite browser. When you see something you like, it’s as simple as clicking the “Pin It” icon and choosing the board you want to pin the content to.
  7. Videos Can Be Pinned, Too – YouTube, TED, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and a host of other video sites will give you the option to pin video content. Look for the URL of the video under “Share.”
  8. Be A Smart Pinner – The best way to have your content found on Pinterest is to add a good description with relevant hashtagged words. This will help your content get discovered and re-pinned.
  9. Optimize Your Graphics – Images often speak louder than words on Pinterest, so use high quality graphics that are relevant to the content they represent. If you are promoting a blog post of your own, be sure to add the title and the URL of your site so that it is properly attributed when re-pinned.

Go Mobile – More and more people are using mobile devices to connect to the internet, so installing the Pinterest mobile app is a must. After all, you never know when you might see a great image or pinning opportunity when you are out and about.

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