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periscopeA good marketer will have a number of helpful apps on their smartphones and tablets, as they can be used to sell on the go. The Periscope App is one of the hottest apps out there right now, as it gives you the ability to create live video streams that your followers can tune into and comment on at the same time.

The creators of Periscope wanted to create an app that would allow users to see the world through other people’s eyes. This is invaluable for those who use the internet and social media to market their business, as it’s an incredible way to instantly reach your audience and get instant feedback. Periscope allows you to quickly build a huge audience with very little effort.

Periscope is incredibly easy to use, and the streams you create can automatically be added to your Twitter feed. All you need to do is open the app, give your broadcast a title, and then start recording to go live. The link to the broadcast will automatically hit your Twitter feed, with all #hashtags used in your content being visible to everyone searching for a specific subject.

Why should you start using Periscope?

Take a look around you and see how many people are using mobile devices. Using the app allows you to instantly connect with people all over the world, which will help you get the feedback you need to improve your business, whilst also building a huge following. You are able to build a targeted audience faster than most marketing methods out there, and you can use your broadcasts to direct potential followers to your Facebook page or website for more information on what you have to offer.

The Periscope App is proving to be very responsive, and there are a couple of reasons why:

  1. It’s an app that is incredibly easy to use, and the buzz surrounding it is similar to what happened with Facebook and twitter back in the early days. There is a cool factor that simply cannot be denied, and those who use the app love the ability to become part of the live broadcast by commenting and interacting. Simply put, there is no faster way to find and connect with your target audience.
  2. Push Notification – Content creation is still very powerful, but the process of getting people to see it can still be a little tiresome. You have to create your content, email it to your list, hope they see and open it, and then click on the link within. All of those steps are negated with Periscope, as all followers have to do is react to the “Push Notification” sent to their mobile devices. Just on click get them in on your broadcast with the ability to take part. People feel as though they have to response to push notifications, as the feeling is that they will miss something major if they don’t. With Periscope, you are essentially creating an event marketing environment that is almost guaranteed to pull in a crowd.

Monetizing Periscope

Most Periscope users don’t go with the direct monetization of the app, choosing instead to deliver valuable content that will eventually lead to increased sales. The goal is to use the live broadcasts to build some buzz and hype that will lead viewers to want to learn more about what you are offering. This is done by directing them to a website or Facebook page, which essentially drops them directly into the sales funnel.

Live broadcast delivered through the Periscope App should be more about engaging the viewer and offering them a value proposition. This is way more effective than going with the hard sell, as that usually just leads to people switching off, never to return to future broadcasts. The money comes when you can offer value and get people to click on through to your website or Facebook page.

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