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activeNearly every day I talk to prospects and clients who are highly-motivated to change their recipe when it comes to marketing. For a moment, let us think about marketing like a recipe for Peanut Butter cookies.

In order for your particular peanut butter cookie recipe to come out with perfect cookies, you’ve got to have the right ingredients. Not only that, you need to use the right amounts of the ingredients and put them in the right order. Otherwise, what happens? You have bad-tasting cookies, or something entirely different. “I thought I was baking a cookies, and ended up with pancakes!”

What does poorly made cookies have to do with Client Attraction?

 When your goal is to fill your business with ideal clients (your cookies) and your ingredients (your marketing activities) are not designed to produce that, or if they are in the wrong proportions or wrong order, you will get something entirely different!

Perhaps for you, you are trying things to promote yourself but they just aren’t working. You might wonder why, or if you are even cut out for this whole self-made business thing. Perhaps you feel like you are working WAY too hard for the results you are getting. In any event something is off.

I believe in the power of personalization when it comes to your marketing recipe. This is one of the reasons you need to have strategies that are customized to you to make such a big difference!

That being said, there are common mistakes when it comes to your recipe, and I’m about to share of the BIGGEST I see, that could forever change your business.

One of the biggest mistakes is not understanding the difference between PASSIVE and ACTIVE marketing.

Passive Marketing is about staying visible to your ideal clients, so you are top of mind when they need you. This can include having a snappy website, posting ads, videos, sending a mailer or even posting flyers to spread awareness. Even writing an email to your list, if you have one, would fall under passive marketing because its primary purpose is to help you stay top of mind for when these prospects need you.

Active Marketing, on the other hand, is when you interact with potential clients and partners, so you can get leads now and grow your network. It is about having conversations (in person or online) that helps you actively generate new leads. This could include: networking, speaking, 1-1 conversations, personalized email outreach, warm or cold calls, asking your clients for referrals, or hosting events that allow you to interact with your potential clients- to name a few. Active Marketing is highly interactive.

No Active Marketing in your Recipe Doesn’t Taste Good!

One of the biggest mistakes I see are individuals who are putting most, if not all, of their focus into passive marketing, and expecting their business to fill as a result.

While I am not recommending you stop Passive Marketing, I am suggesting you seriously re-evaluate the balance of your Active-Passive Marketing recipe. I am also suggesting you greatly favor Active Marketing in your recipe.


There is something more direct you could be doing other than waiting for people to respond to your passive marketing. You could be out there actively generating leads for your business and helping more people. A focus on Active Marketing (just so long as you have a service that fills a real need, and that people are willing to pay for) puts the control back in your hands!

Set Active Marketing Goals

If you want to see a dramatic shift in your business and your income, I suggest that you actively market at least 10 hours a week. Even 5 hours, if done consistently and diligently could be a game changer. In order to play this game and succeed, you must keep yourself in check and really be actively marketing.

Content Creation is NOT Active Marketing!

I love writing blogs, in order to share my message. But the truth is, if I counted the time I write posts like this as marketing, I wouldn’t be doing myself a service. Writing this blog or even writing a speech, isn’t the thing that brings the maximum number of potential clients my way. Getting out and delivering the speech to a group of people who need what I have (active) is another matter.

What generates the most business most quickly? Active Marketing.

For all of you brilliant, mission driven writers out there, think of your blog as a long-term strategy that will help you stay in touch with great people who could become customers in the future. Then whenever one of those clients decides to buy from you, it is an added BONUS to the more active marketing you are doing.

Have you been taking advantage of Active Marketing? Have your ingredients been designed to bake the good cookies?

Shift your ingredients and you can get the outcome you’ve always wanted- A business full of ideal clients, so you can do more of the work you love, enjoy your ideal income, and make a bigger impact.

Remember, these ingredients do not discriminate! Simply start cooking the right recipe and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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