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Network marketing SuccessWhen you think of Network marketing Success, do you imagine housewives selling Tupperware to their friends, or perhaps some pushy friend who is constantly trying to sell you the next “sure thing” that will bring you untold riches? Neither one of those images are accurate, though, as network marketing is in fact a part- or full-time business opportunity as opposed to a hobby or a get rich quick scheme.

How can you be successful in this type of business? Here are 6 things that will help you attain a high level of network marketing success:

  1. Take time to choose the perfect business, which means checking out the stability of each company that interests you.
  2. Look for products that are in demand, and that consumers will use and need to return for more.
  3. Different businesses will have different payment distributions. Look for a pay plan that is fair, and that properly rewards you for the work that you put in. Find out how much is paid out on the dollar to distributors, and make sure that members old and new are on the same pay plan.
  4. Experience and integrity are important in business, so find out as much as you can about the CEO of the company, and how much experience they have in the network marketing industry. Have they maintained a good reputation over the years?
  5. Timing is everything, which is why you should get in with a company on the rise.
  6. Even if you are able to check the boxes of the 5 items listed above, you are still not guaranteed to be successful. The business you choose also needs to have a solid training system in place, with mentors willing to show you the ropes.

Mentors can help take you to the next level, but you need to be prepared to really listen. Generally, when a company has a training system in place, it is something that has been tried and tested for years, delivering positive results each time. Pay attention to what the mentors say, and you will be able to replicate their success.

When you get in on a network marketing business, you will have an upline above you. Your Network marketing Success will also depend on their level of involvement. Do they regularly contact you and check in on your progress? Do they ask if you need help? The level of support you get from them is often on a par with the level of success that you achieve.

If you find that your upline has been integral in your success, you should adopt the same level of involvement with your downline. In general, you should set aside 30 days to train and mentor anyone new that you bring on board. Some people will need less time, while others will need more. Learn to gauge how they are doing so that you get an idea of when you can let go of their hand and let them take the reins. Your goal should be to build relationships as well as building a downline.

Following up with leads will help you build your downline quickly, and the good news is that the process can now be automated. Auto-responders can be set up to follow up with leads at set time periods, and all without you having to call or email countless people by hand. One thing to be careful of when doing this, though, is spam. Contacting people who do not want to be contacted, or who have opted out is spamming, and that can seriously hurt your business.

As this is a business, you need to treat it as such. Think about your overheads and how you are going to go about balancing the books and paying taxes. Seeking professional help in the form of tax lawyers and accountants is always a good idea, especially when your business really starts to grow and become profitable.

It may be quite some time before you reach that level, though, so do not give up your day job to work the business full-time until you are earning the same or more than you are in your current position.

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