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Each professional I know is serious about their training and education. A physician
can not perform the surgery without a degree, a teacher may not teach without
certification. The same should apply to your MLM business… Take your MLM training
serious. If it’s your business, treat it like a business, and you’ll be paid as a business.
A system of training for your MLM is essential for its success and the success of your
computer based business.

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Poor, or no MLM, training is a major cause of low retention within this business.
A good leader should always master new skills and share that training with their team.
Build up your people, and they will help you build up your MLM business.
This type of system means “Save yourself time energy and money”.

What should you focus on with MLM training?

* Learn how to create a list with auto responders, you always hear marketing gurus say
“the money is in the list”. There is good reason to do this, most people need to see
the MLM opportunity at least 5 to 7 times before making a decision.

* Master marketing using the techniques of web 2.0, marketing sites, social media,
video marketing and others. It is an area of training of MLM that you should not
neglect, you and the team members should position you as experts within the industry.

* MLM marketers, there is simply no way to get around it, If you are going to be
successful online, your marketing strategy must include new sets of learning skills
that pertain to the article, editorial, advertising PPC, solo Ezine marketing
announcements, social media marketing and commercialization of video to diversify
your efforts, do not put all the eggs in one basket (site).

Most MLM companies do not have an adequate training system. Usually nothing more than
a generic cut and paste site. Find the higher earners who have probably developed a
system of MLM training with the help of other principal performers of system inside
of your upline.

This training is usually centered and more advanced than what you can find with an
average MLM company. To achieve your objectives and goals, you need to find an
MLM training system which will help make your MLM recruiting process easier and help
build a robust, cost-effective downline.

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