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Marketing_TechniquesAs small businesses and startups strive to keep up with the big dogs, digital marketing has paved the way for a more even playing field. Yet, there are still many old-school Marketing Techniques that can benefit your business. Our world is in the midst of massive digital progression. It seems nowadays that everything and everyone is going digital. In the marketing world, the progress of digital technology has had both a positive and negative impact. These five traditional marketing methods are worth your time and money as you strive to continue building your business.

#1. Brochures/Leaflets

Even though there are online options for brochures, a physical brochure or leaflet that the customer can take with provides a visible reminder of your business. Once a website is closed, it’s easy for consumers to forget all about your business. But having your brochure on their desk or counter serves as a reminder of why they were interested in your business to begin with.

#2. Mail Inserts

Remember those envelopes that come in the mail with advertisements for local businesses? Well, they’re still effective and an excellent way to advertise your startup to the surrounding communities. As more consumers strive to spend their money at local businesses, this marketing method provides you with the opportunity to let them know you’re there.

#3. Promotional Products

Whether it’s a pen with your business contact information or a refrigerator magnet with your business logo, address and phone number, promotional products keep your business at the forefront of the consumers’ minds. Choose promotional products that are useful to your consumers and relevant to your business. For instance, a startup plant nursery can advertise with promotional flower seed packets announcing a “business growth sale” and welcoming new and return customers.

#4. Business Cards

Smart use of business cards allows you to remain in contact with consumers and vendors, and connect with new customers or business connections. Utilize both sides of your business card to provide people with contact information, as well as basic information on your products and services.

#5. Live Events

Participate in live events, such as community fairs, exhibitions, block parties or events you hold just for your business. Advertise your participation in these events to get the word out. Draw consumers to your booth or event with special incentives like discounts, raffles or promotional products.

Create the Most Effective Traditional Marketing Campaign for Your Business

Each small business and startup has different needs, but one that’s common is the need for growth. The most effective marketing campaign of all will include digital and traditional marketing methods. Take advantage of the expertise of a marketing agency to help you put together the most effective plan for short-term and long-term growth.

An investment in professional services is also an investment into your business’s future. Together with a marketing agency, you can create a plan that will help you reach your specific consumer base using the methods that are most effective. The traditional Marketing Techniques above are certain to be an important part of your business-building plan.

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