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Learn To Generate Leads

Article content is fast becoming one of the best ways to generate traffic and leads to your MLM business. The people that you are trying to target will love any content that you can provide which will help them solve specific problems. The reality is that most network marketers lacks the basic knowledge and skills that the need to attract visitors who are willing to buy.

This is where you can make a difference by providing solid marketing solutions that will help those folks not only generate more leads, but turn those leads into signups and buyers via attraction marketing. Getting your hands on the correct training will allow to you to use this great marketing strategy to its fullest potential.

Think about it this way. Let’s say that you have just a single item that is relevant to your target market and you choose to submit that to 10 different online article directories. What that basically translates to is 10 unique pieces of internet “real estate” that will grow exponentially if you can write every day. One great article submitted to those directories every week translates to 70, which then becomes a virtual “neighborhood” of content, with each of the articles reaping their own dividends.

To get the most out of your article marketing efforts, you really have to understand how to get all of that content ranked on the major search engines like Google and Bing. That means understanding how to research keywords that are regularly used in searches, but are often employed by other websites.

For example, “MLM” would yield thousands of websites when used as a search term, making it difficult to rank highly. Your goal then is to find variations of that keyword or phrase that are used in less than 20,000 websites. Doing that will help you compete for top spot in all of the major search engines.

It’s not as easy as it may sound, but there are great tools such as wordtracker that will help you come up with keywords for your target market. The free version of that software is great, but the paid version of wordtracker will dig a little deeper to help you find those keywords that are like gold and will yield the best results.

The Google AdWords keyword tool is another great resource for finding search terms and related phrases. This particular tool will provide you with the number of searches which can then be used to research that keyword. Your goal is to find words and phrases that are used in 50,000 websites or less, with the optimum number being 20,000 or lower.

Once you have uncovered your top 10 keyword phrases, you can then go ahead and write your article, making sure to include those words in the title and the body of your content. That will ensure that they show up in Google searches, especially if you use more than one item and then submit it to multiple article directories.

Now that you know how article marketing works, fire up the word processor and get the creative juices flowing. You’ll soon find that unique content will drive hungry visitors to your MLM business.

Attraction Marketing System

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