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instaAre you looking for an Instagram lead generation technique that is both simple and effective. Are you using Instagram to drive more people to your business? Are you not totally satisfied with the number of leads you are getting? When used properly, Instagram can be a powerful lead generator for your business.

Instagram truly can be a great tool that delivers as many as 50-100 leads per week. Not too many businesses are actually getting that number, though, as they are using Instagram all wrong. Let’s start by taking a look at the basics:

Your Profile

The first thing that people want to know when a random person hits them up on Instagram is who the person or business is that is contacting them.

Rather than branding yourself as a business on Instagram, you should instead show yourself as a recruiter, promoter, or developer, or perhaps a mix of all three. You are most than just a salesperson, and are in fact a leader and a team builder. The business and the products you sell are just window dressing for you. If you immediately brand your business when contacting people on Instagram, they will simply Google your company for more info, which takes all the curiosity out of the equation. You profile should say who you are, what you can do for your followers, and what benefits they will receive from following you back. This is the vital information that followers routinely look for.

The Instagram Lead Generation Technique

With your profile properly set, your Instagram marketing should receive an improved response rate. Your Instagram lead generation technique begins by typing a keyword your target audience might use into the search function. This will deliver a series of picture for you to peruse, many of which are sure to catch your eye. Click on the photos you like, and then click their handle to see their profile. If the person is someone that interests you, tap “like,” or the heart symbol located under the picture, making sure to leave a comment. Request that they come and take a look at you profile, and pose a question that breaks the ice and gets the conversation started.

Here is an example of what you could say: “Great picture, Brian. I’m impressed by how you xxx. Please take a look at my profile to see if there is anything there of value to you. (Now you should post the question that starts the conversation).” Use different variations of this on other posts.

Following this technique 10-20 times per day will result in a response rate of about 30-50%. The rate will change depending on the person you contact, your profile, and the comment that you left.

Over time, you should try to get them over to Facebook chat, and eventually to the phone. It’s always important that you emphasize that you are trying to help. Going with a hard sell or pitching your business is a common mistake that will put people off. This is one of the reasons why network marketing gets such a bad name. If you are constantly in hard sell mode, you are doing yourself, and the business in general, a disservice.

The Instagram lead generation technique is simple: contact 10-20 people per day, and then get them over to Facebook and the phone. This is the easy method that the most successful marketers use to create leads on a daily basis.

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