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It almost seems as though pretty much anything goes on the timelines across Facebook, but the reality is there are a very strict set of rules that need to be adhered to in order to avoid a facebook suspension of account. Getting suspended for a few days might not be that big an issue for the average user, but if it happens to your business page, the effects can be crippling. The problem here is that most people, especially business owners, have no idea what constitutes a problem in the eyes of Facebook, and which can lead to banishment. If you fall into that category, then you need to set aside an hour and 45 minutes to watch a video that will clue you in.

What you will discover when you watch the Social Media Nightmare video is the #1 mistake that Facebook users make over and over again. This is information that comes from someone who knows what she is talking about, especially since she has achieved an incredible level of success using Facebook marketing. There is much more to this incredible video than just making sure you stay out of Facebook jail, and a facebook suspension of account, but we will discuss that a little bit later. The most important thing to learn before you start making money via the social media giant is how to ensure that your account stays permanently active.

Imagine what it would be like to generate leads and create a high level of good feeling about your company, only to have your page disappear because you made a simple mistake. The people at Facebook don’t care about whether the error was intentional or not, which is why your sentence will be handed down without impunity. That could range from a suspension that lasts a few days, all the way up to being totally banned from the site altogether. Either one might lead believe to believe that you have gone out of business, causing leads to start looking elsewhere.

This great 1 hour and 45 minute video is perfectly named, since it truly would be a social media nightmare if your business was to end up in the Facebook slammer. It might not necessarily mean a death sentence for your business, but it’s definitely one that can do untold amounts of damage. It doesn’t matter whether you have been on Facebook for a while, or are just about to start marketing there, you need to take the time to watch this video in order to avoid a facebook suspension of account.

We mentioned earlier about there being more to the video than just keeping yourself out of Facebook jail. We also said that the video was put together by one of the top social media marketers out there today, so it stands to reason that he knows how to make money via Facebook. The video will reveal to you how you can start getting on the road towards Facebook riches using some great, easy to follow methods, but those all only work if your FB account is active. Watch the video and learn how to keep your Facebook account active at all times, and don’t make the mistakes that so many others do.

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