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likesThere are a number of different social networking sites out there right now, but if you learn how to write Facebook Statuses That Will Get Likes, none of them can hold a candle to the people power that Facebook brings to the table. Sure, many folks complain about the many tweaks and updates made there, but those changes are made to improve the network, rather than make it a less easy to use. One of the groups that has really benefited from the meteoric rise of Facebook are small businesses, but there are still far too many that are not using it to the fullest possible potential. If your business isn’t thriving on Facebook, you need to watch a 44-minute video that can change your fortunes permanently.

You can literally become a Social Media Mastermind by taking the time to sit back and absorb the incredible amount of information featured in this video. Be aware, though, this is not some piece of amateur video hastily thrown together, but rather a powerful guide on how to take your business to the next level by leveraging the power of Facebook. For example, in the 9th minute of the video you will learn how to get your fans forking over there hard earned money with the single click of a button.

The goal of anyone on Facebook is to get their content to go viral, as this ensures that as many eyes as possible will see the post. You will learn how to position your messages on the timelines of your fans so that it has the best chance your Facebook Statuses That Will Get Likes and spread like wildfire. You will also want to get your fans involved in all you do on Facebook, which is why minute 13 of the video is so important. It is there where you will learn how to create interactive polls that can literally be up and running in a matter of seconds.

I’m sure that you have all seen the ads that appear on the right hand side of you Facebook timeline, and am even surer that you have probably clicked on one or two as well. Those little ads can become an incredible source of income for your business and the video will show you exactly how to set them up so that you can maximize your earning potential. A well written Facebook ad can line your pockets with money, even while you are asleep or away doing something fun. It’s like earning money on autopilot.

You might be reading all of this and imagining that you will have to commit an incredible amount of time to learn how to write Facebook Statuses That Will Get Likes, but you would be mistaken. The video contains a 30-minute action guide that you can put into effect each day to increase your earning potential 44 minutes is not a lot of time to commit to watching something that could change your life forever, and 30 minutes per day is about as quick as you can get to increasing you online earning potential through Facebook.

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