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fbcontentThe secret to creating Great Facebook Content is to focus on the customer and their needs first.

Unfortunately, most Facebook managers begin the process of creating content for Facebook by sharing the story and message of their business. However, it is much actually more effective to focus on the customer, then sprinkle in your message and story with that type of content, and you will see greater success.


Here are 6 things that all great Facebook content creators who focus on the Customer do:

  1. Cater to audience preferences

Facebook managers who deliver a wide variety of content often find themselves wondering why some stuff goes viral while other items are summarily ignored. You need to look for trends, such as a higher response rate to video over articles. Deliver more of what the audience prefers. Also pay attention to what makes them engage more: is it humorous content, or things that are designed to inspire and evoke an emotional response? Do they like timely content, or articles that deliver valuable information?

  1. Set goals

Goal creation, both on a large and small scale, is essential when creating content for Facebook. Not only should you think about the big picture, but also the results you expect for every single piece of content that you create. Once again, out yourself in the shoes of your audience and think about whether you would be willing to so what the content calls for.

  1. Validate a sense of social self

The people who regularly engage with social content usually do so to paint a better picture of what they are about. They have a very definite online persona, and your content can help validate that. These people are essentially trying to achieve the very same thing as you, so before you post something, think about whether or not you would engage if said content made its way onto your timeline.

  1. Know your audience

Before you start selling any product or service and creating Facebook Content, you need to know who your target audience is. This doesn’t just help you sell, it makes it easier to create content that will be of value to that specific group. That said, those folks may not be who regularly engage in a social forum, so start paying attention to who is liking, commenting, and sharing. You content should evolve and become more specific over time.

  1. No fear of failure

The only way to find out which content has the greatest effect on your audience is to deliver a little bit of everything when you are starting out. Use data and metrics to help you keep track of what is going on. Perhaps one type of content is received better by women that other types, or maybe posting a specific type of content at a certain type of day yields better results. The more you test all this stuff in the beginning, the better chance you will have of delivering great content every single time.

  1. Timing

As we mentioned at the end of item #4, timing can play a major role in your success. You might think you know when the best time to post is, but it is your audience who will eventually dictate it. Facebook Insights delivers all sorts of great information, but it tend to be a little general in nature. You may know when your audience is online, but when are they actually engaging with the content you deliver? It is that latter stat that is a lot more important in the grand scheme of things. Invest in a tracking system so that you can dig a little deeper into the data.

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