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closing the dealThose who are successful in marketing over the long haul are well aware that one of the keys to success is mastering the art of closing the deal. That doesn’t mean sending a ton of autoresponder e-mails in the hopes that someone will eventually take the bait. What it does means is taking a personal approach and talking to all of your leads one on one. By picking up the telephone and talking, you can quickly answer any questions that need to be answered. There is a greater chance of making the sale this way, as the conversation can go wherever you decide to take it.

Being able to close the deal over the phone is a real art form that not everyone can do well right off the bat. If you show signs of being nervous or unsure, the lead will take his business elsewhere. The only way to avoid that is to know what to say and know how to steer the conversation. These re all techniques that can be learned, and what better teacher to have than someone who has truly mastered the art of closing the deal. Bill Pescosolido is considered by many to be a deal closing guru, and he is now willing to share his secrets with you via the Prospecting Playbook.

This incredible course is broken down into 5 weeks of intensive training that will take you from a telephone novice to a sales closing pro in no time at all. Here’s what you can expect from the Prospecting Playbook:

In Week 1 you will learn how to overcome your fear of talking on the phone so that you always come across as confident and knowledgeable. If you allow that confidence to shine through when you talk, your leads will listen.

During Week 2 you will learn the art of leading the conversation to a destination you want to take it to. You will learn how to be prepared for every eventuality that might occur during a call. If you can know how to react in any situation, you can remain in control throughout.

In Week 3 you will learn how to determine the profile of every person that you are talking to. Understanding what motivates someone makes it easier for you to cater your questions and responses in a way that will get a positive reaction every time.

Week 4 will see you learn how to overcome any objections that may be raised by the lead. Their doubts can be quickly turned into positive thoughts by simply saying the right thing.

Week 5 sees you get involved in a little LIVE role-playing with Bill Pescosolido. You will get to experience first-hand what a successful sales call should sound like. You will learn the psychology involved in closing the deal, and will be ready to start mowing down prospects by the end of it.

The Prospecting Playbook course also comes with a list of invaluable bonuses that will help take your marketing efforts to all new levels. If you are in marketing and are losing sales by not using the phone, it’s time to study the prospecting playbook.

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