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connectYou know something has to be major when it is described by experts as “the biggest invention in the history of the internet” and that is why you need to hear about WebRTC Video Conferencing. The real-time communication tool, WebRTC, is set to become the standard in online video communication. Users will quickly and easily be able to deliver files directly from their web browser.

It is estimated that WebRTC will have upwards of 1.5 billion users by the end of 2016, with the tool being installed on roughly 4 billion devices by that time. One of the first companies to hope on board the WebRTC train is Talk Fusion CONNECT, who deliver Video Conferencing, Live Broadcasting, and Desktop Share tools.

How does  WebRTC Video Conferencing news impact Talk Fusion users? It means that there is a huge wealth of untapped potential now waiting, which will only increase as the demand for video conferencing and live broadcasting grows. The move will be on to find affordable, easy to use tools in this area, which is exactly what Talk Fusion CONNECT delivers. To make things even more exciting, Talk Fusion has patent pending rights on the technology, which means that no other company will be able to produce a product that does what CONNECT is able to do.

Talk Fusion customers can take advantage of Video Conferencing, Live Broadcasting, and Desktop Share with the convenience of WebRTC capabilities right now! Other similar products are on the outside looking in at this technology, yet they are still asking that you purchase and install their software at inflated prices. You can get WebRTC right now via Talk Fusion CONNECT, and all you have to pay is a monthly fee as low as $35. That will give you the power to meet, chat, and share from any camera enabled device where an internet connection is available.

WebRTC is destined to be the future of video communication. The future is now if you decide to partner with Talk Fusion CONNECT today and start using the first professional version of WebRTC Video Conferencing !


How To Send A Video Through Email


If you have been wondering how to send a video through email, but have yet to find an easy, effective way to do it, you need to see what Talk Fusion can do for you. There are plenty of other video tools included in the TF suite, giving you access to even more great communications options that are perfect for small business, or even just personal use in keeping in touch with friends and family.

E-mail is a great way to stay in touch with friends as family, as well as being a powerful way to spread your business message to customers. The biggest problem with e-mail is that it tends to be a little bland, unless of course you are a bit of a dab hand with HTML. A little bit of coding knowledge can help you spice up an otherwise bland chunk of text, but it’s not everyone that can do that. The other option is to add video, but that too isn’t always easy to do, especially if it’s a particularly large file. Those concerns are all now taken care of, with the Talk Fusion set of video tools allowing you to take you e-mail to the next level.

If “how to send a video through email” is a question that you have yet to have answered properly, you need to check out what Talk Fusion can do for you. There is much more to their video e-mail product than simply making a video and trying to attach it to your e-mail. For one low fee you will have access to more than 700 templates that serve as a cool background to your video. This is perfect for all kinds of reasons. You can choose themes that are perfect for a special occasion, as well as those that fit in perfectly with the type of business you operate.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the offering from Talk Fusion is that you don’t need any type of computer skills in order to get the most out of it. There is nothing to download and there are never any attachments, which mean you don’t have to sit and hope that everyone received the video you are sending. While all of that may be enough for people who like to send personal e-mails, there is even more opportunity for those that are trying to brand their business.

How to send a video through email has never been easier, and it has also never been this valuable to small business. Included in the small price you pay for Talk Fusion is the ability to access data and analytics that will show you how effective your videos are. That is a crucial tool for businesses, which can then cater future videos to reach a larger audience and widen the scope of their brand. Building the company brand is absolutely essential for businesses of all sizes, and video has been proven as being one of the most effective ways to do so.

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Why Choose Online Video Branding ?

Video Branding is all the rage at the moment, and for good reason. If you aren’t sure why, then read on to find out.

For the purposes of this piece we are going to focus on video marketing.

Cisco Systems used the VNI Report 2012-2017 to state that 2013 would be the year of visual marketing. Video is without a doubt the best way to incorporate that into your marketing strategy.

Why is video so effective?

The reality is that there is no better way to market yourself, a product or service.

What many people are not aware of is that YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine, behind only Google. At time of writing, there are 60 hours of video per day uploaded to the site, not to mention more than 4 billion video views each and every day.

Google results now features a mixture of websites, blog posts and video that is relevant to the keywords and terms used in the search.

Video branding is now an incredibly important part of search engine marketing, especially when you consider that videos are 10 times easier to rank in organic search. Industry insiders believe that without video on your site, there is a good chance that your site will not rank on page 1 of Google in as little as 3 years.

What you can use video to promote:

How to videos
Product demonstrations
Training videos
Company overview
Customer testimonials
Special Offers and discounts

How video lets you connect with your customers.

Landing pages are a great marketing tool, and it has been shown that those which contain video have a great click through and conversion rate than those without.

Blogs and websites may be full of great information, but most people tend to not take the time to read through. A 60-second video can quickly and effectively sum up pages of text.

The movement of video is something that grabs the attention of a visitor.
60 seconds of video = 1.8 million words of text.
Video adds a personal touch that words can never quite match.

You are able to showcase your unique personality while still getting across your message. Videos are by far the preferred method of visitor interaction.

Women are more likely to watch video than men, at a rate of 63% to 37%. Of that number 60% fall into the 18-44 age group, with the 12-17 year old sector growing rapidly.

The average user will retain 80% of the information they see in a video.

What can you achieve with video?

Video branding can be used no matter what sort of business or entrepreneurial project you want to promote. When using video in social media marketing, you are twice as likely to receive comments or have your message shared.

Now is the time to embrace video marketing, as video consumption leapt 13% in the final quarter of 2012. It also saw a 300% increase in total video views when comparing 2012 numbers to the previous year.

Video marketing fits in perfectly with any other kind of campaign or special offer that you are currently running.
If you aren’t already using video branding in your marketing strategy, why not get started today?
Leave a comment and let us know how video marketing has improved your business.

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The All-New Talk Fusion Product Presentation


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50 Benefits of Video Email

Jive Systems created the most comprehensive list as to the benefits of Video Marketing with Email.
Some of the main benefits that video email and web video marketing offer you and your business. The list is divided into several benefit categories to make it easier to read.

Here’s the list:


Web video and video email marketing can differentiate you from the competition in many ways.

1. Stand Out from the Crowd – While everyone’s ramping up their budget to send plain text emails, you can send video emails to gain the competitive advantage.
2. Be Remembered – It has been proven that the combination of audio and visual stimulus increases retention.
3. Stay on the Cutting-Edge – Web video and video email are a staple of communication, they’re not going to go away. Usage of this new medium will only increase.
4. Be a Leader in Your Field – Usage of web video is on the rise, but it hasn’t yet hit the mainstream markets.
5. Put a Face to the Name – For the most part, people like to do business with people they know. Video emails let your prospects get to know you before you even meet them.
6. Capitalize on Your Greatest Assets… You and Your Team – Unlike copy, you and your team can produce marketing videos with little more than a $60 webcam. Sales copy can be expensive and time consuming to author. The difference between making a sale and losing a customer can often be as simple as adding the human touch – that’s you and your team!
7. Improve Your Credibility – When people can see and hear you talking about the benefits of your products and services, they are much more likely to trust you. When you have trust, you have sales.


We all could stand to benefit from improved communication, and now with video email marketing techniques, and web video in general; we can make significant improvements in the way we deliver our message.

8. Say it Right the First Time – Unlike a live presentation, videos are recorded. This means you can record it once, and use it over and over again. So if your tired, under the weather, or even sleeping, you can send your prerecorded message and you know that it will be presented right.
9. Eliminate Confusion – We’ve all received that passive-aggressive plain text email from a colleague or friend. When we actually speak to them later, we find out that we were mistaken. This is due to the absence of nonverbal cues; for example, body and facial expressions.
10. Provide Better Customer Service – Videos can be produced quickly and easily, but the perceived value is so much higher than a phone call or plain text email. The end result, happier customers.
11. Connect with Clients and Prospects From Anywhere – Just like regular emails, you can send video emails to your next door neighbor or all away around the world with the click a button.
12. Reduce Calls to Customer Support – When you do a better job of addressing your customers’ questions and concerns, you reduce the number of times they contact you for help. Web video allows you to communicate more effectively. Therefore, when you respond to customer questions with video emails, you can provide better answers, and your customers won’t need to contact you as often.
13. Improve Consistency in Your Marketing – Consistent and clear marketing messages lead to customers and prospects who understand who you are and what you offer. When they’re ready to buy, they’ll likely think of you. With video email marketing, you’ll have a library of every video you ever sent. Review them to ensure consistency and have your team review them as well. Now you’re all on the same page.
14. Use Video to Educate – Arguably one of the best ways to sell is to take an informative tone with prospects. Teach them about things that interest them and help them in their businesses. Mix in content about how you fit into this without being pushy. If done right, your prospect won’t even realize your selling them.
15. Reach Out to Younger Customers in Their Domain – The world we live in is constantly evolving and changing. Business and marketing is no different. The rise of the internet, and more recently web video, is undeniable. More people are watching videos online every day. Make sure that some of those videos are yours.
16. Introduce Cross Sells – Part of what makes video email powerful is the series of exit links located on the side of the video. When you record a video, you have the power to include links on the side of the screen that lead to whatever information you would like. This creates a great potential for soft-selling and calls-to-action. “Click the link on the right to take advantage of this offer today!”


Refining processes is one of the fastest ways to increase efficiency; leading to a significant savings in both cost and time. When you use web video, you not only refine the process, you enhance it. Plain text can only say so much. Video takes your processes via your message to the next level.

17. Prime Your Prospects Before You Meet Them – With video email marketing, you can incorporate videos into your routine that accelerate the sales process. When you speak with a prospect over the phone for the first time, ask for an email address and send him a video email instead of a plain text email. Now he’s getting to know you, one of the first steps in making a sale, and you don’t have to do a thing beyond pressing send.
18. Saying it is Easier Than Typing it – Great at speaking but not at typing? Even if you are adept at it, you could probably think of a more profitable, or enjoyable use of your time. With video email marketing, you’ll reduce your time spent on the keyboard and improve comprehension simultaneously.
19. Automate Training of New Hires – Web video allows you to create training videos to automate yourself out of teaching the basics (and more). When you bring in a new team member, have them access relevant training videos at home or wherever. By the time they’re ready to start, they’ll have a solid foundation for growth, and you’ll have a lot more time.
20. Reduce Repetitive Conversations – Do you ever feel like you’re having the same conversations over and over again? Web video provides a simple solution. Record your responses and just email them to the people asking the questions. As time goes on, you’ll have more and more answers in your library, freeing you from an increasing number of repetitive conversations.
21. Deliver Informative Content Quickly – Need to convey a complex idea or concept, but don’t have long to do it. Make a habit of condensing ideas into short, informative videos. You’ll save time and hold your viewer’s attention better. You’ll have more time to focus on other things and you’ll have a higher prospect conversion success rate.


Emotions are a core part of humanity. People often make purchase decisions based on an emotional response. Video email marketing can capture the imagination of your prospects and clients in a way plain text cannot. With web video you’ll have more time to enjoy the things that really matter because your videos will be working for you.

22. Spend More Time with Your Loved Ones – Video email marketing is as effective as it is inexpensive. With the time you save you can spend more time with those you care about and with the money you save on marketing, you’ll be able to afford some time off.
23. Nurture Client Relationships – Relationships take time and effort. Strong relationships aren’t built over night. With web video and video email, you can create videos to remind customers that you are thinking of them and that you care. Send videos to wish your clients a happy birthday, or to inform them of some new and interesting tidbit that you just learned. Building and maintaining relationships takes time, but with web video you can do more in less time.
24. Establish Rapport Automatically – Using a CRM system is a great way to increase your efficiency. When you integrate web video with your CRM, the product is automated video email marketing. Now, if a prospect visits your web page and signs up for your email list, the system takes over and you don’t have to do a thing… except cash the check of course!
25. Make Them Feel Special – Making someone feel special is one of the fasted ways to convert them from a prospect to a client. Send a video, even a prerecorded one, and they’re likely to feel they are getting special attention. And what did sending that video cost you? Nothing except the 2 seconds it took you to cut and paste the link and click send.
26. Build Trust Online – Try making a sale without building trust first. You’ll likely have a hard time converting prospects to paying customers. Instead, try creating an intro video and a bio video. Send them to your prospects and let them get a feel for who you are and what you are all about. Your prospects will appreciate your patience (if you call a few days patience) and will likely reward you with their business.
27. Add the Personal Touch – The personal touch is that little extra that you do to show your customers and prospects that you care. It can be as simple as recording a video one time, and then sending that out to each new prospect you receive, or all of your loyal customers. How does that expression go? Give and you shall receive. What you get back is more business.
28. Put The Human Element Back in Your Marketing – Some people balk at the prospect of an increasingly wired world. Like it or not, it is our future. Video email marketing will allow you to reach out to these people like no other online method does. True, you could utilize traditional mediums, but who wants to spend the money when web video comes with a low, fixed monthly fee?
29. Connect with Friends, Family, and Loved Ones When You Travel – Just because you have to leave home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on interacting with those you care about. Send a video email to remind them you care.
30. Enhance and Strengthen Affiliate and JV Relationships – Relationships are based on the interactions between two people. This is the same whether you’re talking about client relationships or those with partners. Use web video to stay involved in the lives of your partners and you’ll likely have a stronger relationship. Take the time to ask how things are going with a quick video email, and the response you receive may prove very useful.
31. Show that You Care – Nothing says that you care like taking time out of your day to connect. Time is our most valuable resource and something you can’t take back. With web video, you can create non selling videos for the sole purpose of showing people you care. The best part is, you can do it once and then reuse it with all you clients and prospects. Now taking the time to say you care doesn’t take much time at all.


Save time and make more money with web video. Put a dent in your To-Do list, or take time for yourself. What you do with the extra time and money is up to you.

32. Save Money – As far as benefits go, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Video email marketing is inexpensive. When you compare the cost with the value, the expense is inconsequential. You pay the same low monthly rate whether you send one video email or 10,000. Let’s see you say that about a newspaper ad.
33. Create Canned Responses for FAQs – Creating canned web video responses to frequently asked questions will facilitate customer service and improve customer satisfaction. Record video emails to help customers and save the best responses to be reused. The best thing is that as you get better, your customer service gets better too.
34. Make Money While You Sleep – Video email marketing and web videos allow you to record a video once and reuse it indefinitely. Once a video has been created, it can be viewed any time, day or night. So whatever time your prospect decides to check her inbox, you’re there waiting to make a sale.
35. Go Green—Want to help the environment and save money doing so? Save gas and money with web video. Using video email will allow you to filter prospects, ensuring that you only travel to meet with the most likely to purchase. You can easily save enough in gas to pay for your membership.
36. Save Time – Creating videos is like creating an army of clones with the sole purpose of helping you make more money. Your clones answer questions for you. They help train new employees. They sell prospects on the value of your product or service at 3 AM on the other side of the country. What are you doing while your clones are doing all these things for you? I don’t know; that part is up to you.
37. Maximize Your Efficiency – Every video email you send that is reusable takes another task off your plate. The more reusable videos you record, the more time you’ll save. Video email marketing will allow you to focus on the most valuable activities you perform.


Good marketing can be the difference between success and failure. Incorporating video email, and web video, into your marketing efforts will increase the impact of your copy exponentially. That being said, marketing is often expensive, and it can be hard to see the ROI on marketing dollars spent. Video email marketing allows you to fix your hard costs, regardless of the number of videos you send out.

38. Add the Wow Factor to Your Marketing – An easy way to Wow your customers and prospects is to send them a video. Web video allows you to create dazzling presentations and stimulate viewers in ways that are impossible with traditional email. Video email marketing gets reactions.
39. Add Professionalism to Your Daily Communications – Video emails allow you to appear more professional without added inconvenience or cost. Recipients will receive a video in their inbox that is surrounded by your name, phone number, and the name of your company. With the addition of a custom template, you’ll be able to include your logo.
40. Generate Buzz – Web video is a hot topic in the media. When someone receives a video email, he or she often shows it to others. Each time they do, more people are being exposed to your message. The resulting buzz leads to interest in you and what your company does.
41. Capture the Power of TV Without the Expense – Video is powerful and when used correctly gets results. Consequently, you have to pay a lot of money to market yourself on this medium, but without any guarantees of who will be watching. With video email marketing, your videos are On-Demand. That means they’re waiting in the recipients mailbox. Web video has the same benefits as video on TV, but doesn’t have the cost or the limitations of time.
42. Take Your CRM to the Next Level – Do you use customer relationship management software? If so, you can continue to use it in the same way as before, except with the addition of videos. Simply include a link in the text of the email to send whatever video you want. You can use video to augment the written word or replace it. It’s up to you.
43. Track Success Rates and Marketing Dollars – With web video technology, such as that provided by jivesystems, you can see exactly how well your video message performed and measure success. You have the power to see how many people opened the message and how many actually watched the video. With the addition of a CRM system, you can then see how many people decided to buy after watching your videos. Now you know exactly where your marketing dollars are going and where you can improve.
44. Soft Sell Effortlessly- Exit Links, links located on the side of your video, put your message in front of prospects innocuously. While they watch your video, they are exposed to these links, which they may click on to learn more. People have become accustomed to doing their own research online, and this plays into that tendency. If you prefer, tell your viewers to click the link.
45. Maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness – Top-of-Mind Awareness is a great way to ensure that when potential customers have a relevant need, they think of you first. Web videos have no incremental cost, so you can make as many as you like; keeping your value and your message on the minds of your prospects. Send regular video emails to your list and inform them of your value.


Video email marketing has many individual benefits, as does web video. In this section, I will summarize some of the overall benefits of web video and video email marketing.

46. Sell More With Less Effort – When you capitalize on video email marketing and web video, you’ll reduce your workload and improve your success rates, so when you do take the time to reach out to a prospect, you will have less wasted effort.
47. Generate More Referral Business – Customers refer people that they’ve had a good experience with. When you provide excellent customer service, you are more likely to have happy customers, and receive referrals. Since web video allows you to do more with less, it only makes sense that using it leads to more referral business.
48. Increase Profitability – Video email marketing allows you to reduce wasted effort dealing with prospects who never convert to paying customers. Such prospects drain your resources: time, money, and morale. Why not let your web videos handle these prospects while you focus on the ones helping you pay the bills?
49. Keep Clients for Life – If you keep your customers happy, they likely never leave you. It wouldn’t make sense for them to. You take great care of them. You send them regular videos that show you care, and have a lot of informative videos on your customer service website. When they need more help than the videos provide, they can speak with a human on the phone, or via online video conferencing because your CSRs actually have time to talk to people. They’re not bogged down with repetitive questions and tasks. As a result they’re happier in their work and it shows. One of the first steps toward keeping customers for life is communicating with them. Video email is a great way to explain and to show that you care.
50. Create a Scalable Business Model – Through the use of video email marketing and a CRM, you can create a business model that ready for any level of growth, no matter how rapid. The last thing any businessperson wants to do is be caught unprepared for growth. The consequences of such a mistake would be catastrophic. So don’t miss any opportunities. Use web video to handle your customer service, nurturing, and marketing efforts and you will be ready to handle any number of customers with minimal need for additional staffing.

The Secret To Making Money With Video Marketing

Video Marketing

The internet changes every day, growing infinitely bigger as more and more new websites show up online and more people are looking for The Secret To Making Money With Video Marketing . A large number of those sites are uploaded by budding entrepreneurs who would love nothing more than to become their own boss and make a healthy living off the net. For every one that makes it there are hundreds and thousands more who fail, and usually because their website sits and gathers dust because they don’t know how to market it effectively. A business can only grow if it has customers, and if you don’t have the ability to get those people to your site, then you are doomed to fail.

The current trend is moving towards social networking as a means of marketing, and while that is a fantastic idea, there are simply not enough people using the power of video to get their message out there. As far as online marketing goes, there may be nothing more personal than a video of you explaining exactly what your site has to offer, and what your product or service can do for those people who want to be a part of it. Trust is a huge issue when it comes to selling online, and if you can put a face to your product then you may just up your chances of succeeding.

Like any other type of marketing, the video version has to be done properly in order for it to succeed. Oddly enough, it’s the same mistakes that are generally made in other types of marketing that can cause a video campaign to bomb quickly. Branding your video is just as important doing so on your website and promotional materials, yet many people forget to put their website URL in the title, or even forget to mention the name of their website. You may have a video that would make Spielberg proud, but if it doesn’t direct customers to your site then it has to be considered a failure.

Others get sucked into the notion that with so many people visiting YouTube on a daily basis their video is sure to get found. There is actually more chance that it will never get seen at all if you fail to give it a title that is interesting, or don’t use any keywords when uploading it to the site. People search for videos the same way that they use Google, so in order to get found on YouTube you have to do your research and make sure that your keywords rock.

That’s just scratching the surface of what you need to know The Secret To Making Money With Video Marketing, and really the only way to know everything is to learn from an expert. You need someone who has run multiple successful video marketing campaigns, and who can show exactly what and what not to do in order to be successful. Luckily for you, just such a person exists already, so before you turn on that camera, turn your browser to the lessons from an expert.