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moretiemThe One Thing that leads to financial freedom comes with an answer that may well surprise you, imagination. If you are done with struggling to make ends meet and never having any money, then it’s time to get your financial life in order.

Think about what it would be like to have MORE. More time and money, allowing you to do what you want, when you want to do it. When you have more, you can pay your bills on time, and still have more left over to help yourself and others. The big question then becomes whether or not you really WANT more. This isn’t a question of need, it’s all about you actually wanting more. If it turns out that more is what you want, you are going to have to change the way you think about everything.

Do you ever take time to think about the long term? Are you one of those that balances the books and then find that the extra $100 you have left over starts burning a hole in your pocket? Imagine having extra food in your cupboard and eating it all in one sitting as opposed to saving some of it for days when you are really hungry. That is essentially what you are doing when you spend your extra money rather than saving it for a day when you might actually really need it.

Imagine for a moment that you are totally trusted. There is an old saying about trustworthy people receiving rich rewards, while those who look for fast riches end up finding trouble. Take a look back at what you have done in the past few years, and think about your approach to making money. Are you constantly jumping from one get rich quick scheme to the next? If so, then you are becoming a person who people will look at as being without value, as they will not be able to trust that you will still be around tomorrow.

If you had more time and money, what would you do to help other people? Think about how you could combine what you are passionate about with helping others. You could teach or mentor others about your passion. Not only will the people you teach get the benefit of your knowledge, you will learn how more about yourself along the way. There really is no better way to build trusts and relationships than through sharing what you know.

If you want to be financially free, you have to start thinking in the long term. Think of your plans in terms of stepping stones when you start writing down what you want to do. You will quickly begin to see how reaching the first stepping stone will put the next one in reach, and bring those long range stones into view. Just make sure that when you picture those stepping stones that there are others there who you can help and take with you on the journey.

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Old-School Marketing Techniques That Still Work

Marketing_TechniquesAs small businesses and startups strive to keep up with the big dogs, digital marketing has paved the way for a more even playing field. Yet, there are still many old-school Marketing Techniques that can benefit your business. Our world is in the midst of massive digital progression. It seems nowadays that everything and everyone is going digital. In the marketing world, the progress of digital technology has had both a positive and negative impact. These five traditional marketing methods are worth your time and money as you strive to continue building your business.

#1. Brochures/Leaflets

Even though there are online options for brochures, a physical brochure or leaflet that the customer can take with provides a visible reminder of your business. Once a website is closed, it’s easy for consumers to forget all about your business. But having your brochure on their desk or counter serves as a reminder of why they were interested in your business to begin with.

#2. Mail Inserts

Remember those envelopes that come in the mail with advertisements for local businesses? Well, they’re still effective and an excellent way to advertise your startup to the surrounding communities. As more consumers strive to spend their money at local businesses, this marketing method provides you with the opportunity to let them know you’re there.

#3. Promotional Products

Whether it’s a pen with your business contact information or a refrigerator magnet with your business logo, address and phone number, promotional products keep your business at the forefront of the consumers’ minds. Choose promotional products that are useful to your consumers and relevant to your business. For instance, a startup plant nursery can advertise with promotional flower seed packets announcing a “business growth sale” and welcoming new and return customers.

#4. Business Cards

Smart use of business cards allows you to remain in contact with consumers and vendors, and connect with new customers or business connections. Utilize both sides of your business card to provide people with contact information, as well as basic information on your products and services.

#5. Live Events

Participate in live events, such as community fairs, exhibitions, block parties or events you hold just for your business. Advertise your participation in these events to get the word out. Draw consumers to your booth or event with special incentives like discounts, raffles or promotional products.

Create the Most Effective Traditional Marketing Campaign for Your Business

Each small business and startup has different needs, but one that’s common is the need for growth. The most effective marketing campaign of all will include digital and traditional marketing methods. Take advantage of the expertise of a marketing agency to help you put together the most effective plan for short-term and long-term growth.

An investment in professional services is also an investment into your business’s future. Together with a marketing agency, you can create a plan that will help you reach your specific consumer base using the methods that are most effective. The traditional Marketing Techniques above are certain to be an important part of your business-building plan.

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PPV Marketing – Does It Work ?

payperviewImagine having two of the best in the industry leading you by the hand and showing you how to succeed in PPV Marketing. That is exactly what you get with this amazing FREE webinar. Go from Point A to Point Z in a way that is easy to follow, and even easier to implement. Yes, you can play the patience game and wait for your business to grow, but just remember that as you are doing that, your competitors will be watching this video and stealing away leads that could have been yours.

You will hear a lot of talk about the importance of growing your business organically. That’s all very nice, but in order to get ranked on Google or YouTube, you need to develop a level of patience that most of us simply don’t have. How many of you can honestly say that you would be happy to start your own online business today, knowing that it would start to yield any real results for a year or more? I’ll bet that the percentage of you willing to do that would be very small indeed. You should want to make an impact NOW, which is why you need to watch this free webinar that tells you how to use PPV Marketing to skyrocket your business overnight.

I can bet that many of you have already considered the idea of paid lead generation, only to dismiss it because you feel that the whole thing is simply too complicated. This astonishing video will change that way of thinking immediately, and you may even end up kicking yourself for not making the move to PPV a whole lot sooner. You are also wondering how it is you can trust what I am telling you here. I’m not asking you to take it from me, but rather from guys who have used PPV traffic to take their business to the next level.

The two guys featured in the video are now considered legends in the industry, yet they are willing to give away their secrets to you for FREE!! They will show you how easy it is to set up your PPV marketing campaigns right away, much of which can be done using tools that you probably already have at your disposal. You will be amazed at the simplicity of the system laid out, as you probably imagined that there was a whole complex process laying ahead of you.

You are probably wondering what this FREE system can do for you. I’m guessing it will be the exact same as what these two guys have happening in their business every day. They routinely pull in over 50 new leads every day, and only have to spend a few cents to secure each. That is an incredibly small investment, especially when you consider the incredible conversion rates that they are experiencing. After all, it’s one thing to generate leads, but quite another to turn those prospects into sales. This free system allows you to do both for a very small investment.

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Network Marketing Secrets Revealed

secretsI’m sure you have all read the success stories of MLM marketers and wondered what network marketing secrets they know that allowed to go from less than broke to an online success seemingly overnight. The vast majority of them seem unwilling to share that information, but I bet you’d be willing to pay a small fortune to get an insight into how they did it. What if you could have that information for free, and all you had to do was fill out your information and watch a video? Would that be something that would interest you? Of course it would, and that is exactly what you can now do.

The video in question tell the story of an online marketer who was on the brink of financial collapse, but who was somehow able to turn it all around in a short period of time. Hearing that he sponsored 28 people in 21 days may not seem that impressive until you consider that the minimum buy-in for what he was promoting was $500. There are marketers out there who struggle to hit that number when promoting a product for $20. How he got there was borderline genius, and he is now willing to share his network marketing secrets with everyone.

I am not going to spill all the information here, as it really is recommended that you watch the video to get all the details. You will be so blown away by what you learn that you will likely want to watch it more than once so that it all soaks in. The training and advice that you receive in this video is something that many “gurus” would quite happily charge you hundreds of dollars for, which make the free tag on this one all the sweeter.

One of the greatest pieces of advice on the video is on how to deal with the objections that you are definitely going to receive while marketing. Let’s face it, very few people are sold right off the bat, with many quite happy to tell you why they have no intention of ever buying from you. The advice that is offered on this subject is nothing short of incredible. This one little nugget can essentially turn your business around in a heartbeat, but it’s not the only little bit of information on the video that is a jaw dropper.

You will also learn how to build an immediate rapport with everyone that you come into contact with. This is one of the MLM marketing secrets that is often the most guarded, as people are well aware that building immediate trust is often the key to success. If you can get people on your side quickly, your chances of doing well increase dramatically. That usually mean ditching the same tried old sales scripts that people have heard a million times before. The video show you how to do just that, too, essentially making it possible to reverse your fortunes starting today. There really is no training video like this online at the moment, so my advice is to get in on it while it’s still free.

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Instagram Tips For Business

!!instagramWhile most businesses are pretty well versed in how to use Facebook and Twitter for marketing, most have never seen any Instagram tips for business. If your business falls into that category, you need to make time to watch a short  video that delivers these tips and will bring in a fresh wave of new leads each and every day.  You will get all the training that you need in this FREE video, as well as a blueprint that will show you exactly how to use Instagram to grow your business.

It’s no real secret that mobile devices have quickly become the way in which the majority of people access the internet. People are online while on the go, which means that businesses have to make sure that they have a web presence and marketing strategy that is geared towards this trend. One of the best ways to reach your target audience is through social media, as the sites that were once thought of as being a fad are now a legitimate place to market your business. What may come as a surprise is that it’s not just Facebook and Twitter that can generate leads, with a few others also delivering real value.

Before we get to one of the alternatives, take a minute to think about this simple question. What is it that just about everyone has on their smartphone or mobile device that they use on a regular basis? The answer would be a camera, and when users get snap happy, you can almost bet that they will have Instagram on there, too. This is an application that allows you to take pictures, add special filters and effects, and then share them in a social environment. What’s more, they now also allow you to take and post short little videos, which are fast becoming all the rage.

You might very well wonder how images and short videos can help your business, which may explain why so many businesses are still not taking advantage of what Instagram has to offer. There are a ton of Instagram tips for business that can help grow the number of leads you pull in, which in turn can lead to an increase in sales. The beauty of Instagram, like so many other social media applications, is that it need not cost you a penny to get started. The big question is where to begin.

The Instagram tips for business delivered in this amazing video will show you how you can get 5-10 fresh new leads every day by just taking 10 minutes out of your time. That is not a lot of time to invest in a process that could mean a dramatic boost in your bottom line. Best of all, the video is free to watch and it will not cost you a penny to put your blueprint into action. Before you know it, you can be using Instagram to build your business while your competitors are left wondering what it is you are doing to be so successful.

MLM Prospecting – 10 Proven Tricks

mlm prospectingNowadays, it’s the internet that can hold the keys to wealth, which means business owners and affiliate marketers use MLM Prospecting  to search for leads and hot prospects. Without those, the chances of making any real money are greatly reduced. It all sounds pretty straightforward, yet few people are able to pull in all the leads they need in order to be a success. If you are among that group, your fortunes may very well be about to change.

If you want to learn how to prospect like a pro, you need to view the FREE webinar that has been created by one of the top income earners online. There is no sales pitch involved in the video, but rather just a collection of powerful tactics that he has employed over the years in order to pull in leads and make a ton of money. One of the first things he talk about is the difference between the hustlers (or do-ers) of the world and those who do nothing but hope. The information revealed here will let you know what side you fall on and what you have to do to stop hoping and start doing.

What you will not believe when you view the webinar is that this information is all being offered for free. Hearing that this is a no-cost, no strings attached video may lead you to believe that what is being revealed is nothing more that stuff you have heard a million times before. Let me assure you, the Top 10 MLM Prospecting Tricks delivered in the webinar are incredibly powerful and will change the way you think about getting leads forever.

You really need to watch the video for yourself, but let me give you a quick little look at what’s inside. I am talking specifically about Tactic #4 in the video, which shows you an incredibly unique and clever way to pull in a minimum of 15 leads each and every day. It’s an incredibly straightforward approach that can be done using something that is more than likely sitting in your desk drawer at this very moment. Are you intrigued? You should be, and that is just one of the ten amazing tips included in the webinar.

I have watched the webinar a few times now, just so that I can let all the information really start to sink in. To say that I have benefited from the MLM Prospecting Tricks revealed in the video is putting it mildly. If you are struggling to make a living online and spend a ton of time giving excuses about why you can’t generate leads, it’s time to stop what you are doing and go watch this amazing free video. I guarantee that at least one of the 10 tips on there will blow your mind and change the way you think about prospecting forever.

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Residual Income Model Top Earners Embrace

Residual Income ModelStarting your own online business can reap massive rewards,  but if you follow the Residual Income Model  Top Earners Embrace, you can save a lot of time and hard work that has to be put in to get to that point. The biggest part of the process is deciding on what you are going to sell or promote, with many choosing to create and market their own products. While that is definitely a unique way to go, it also creates a whole lot more hard work. If you are creating products, how do you have time to market them, and vice versa? Another problem that comes from going that route is that it becomes impossible to build credibility and authority when you are busy trying to create new products.

This doesn’t mean that making and selling your own products should be considered a lost cause, because it really shouldn’t. There is a real opportunity to make money here, especially since no-one else is offering what you are. It can be done, but you need to know the exact steps that will get you from unknown product creator to highly respected online entrepreneur that people line up to buy from. The good news is that there is now a way to get the exact information that you need, and all you have to do is watch a short video that reveals all the secrets.

Before you say that you don’t have time to sit and watch a video, you need to know that it also includes an incredible bonus, valued at $1,500 no less. We will get to that in a moment, but let’s take a look at Residual Income Model  Top Earners Embrace. It will take all of 6 minutes for you to learn about the 4 profit centers that each of the internet’s top earners have on their side. We can almost guarantee that you will only have 1 of the 4, which means you are missing out on leads and sales.

The video also asks whether you are making in the region of $300 to $5,000 per month from your efforts, and if not, why not? If you answer no, the video will explain why it is that you are not earning that type of money, whilst also showing the steps that are required to make it happen. And that brings us nicely to the bonus that we spoke about earlier. The bonus is valued at $1,500 and clearly shows you how to get 28+ leads per day for your business. These are all targeted visitors that are sure to be interested in what you have to offer. With that many targeted visitors coming in, you are sure to pick up sales and reps who are willing to promote your products.

Creating and selling your own products is a great way to make money online, but you need to learn from the Residual Income Model  Top Earners Embrace to make it all work. Taking the time to watch this powerful video will show you how to make that happen. You will also have those 28+ targeted daily leads hitting your pages within 48 hours!!

fbadsI’m sure that you have all heard about the importance of Facebook Advertisements and how they can make a huge difference in your internet marketing campaigns. Yes, I’m sure you have heard it, but how many of you actually know how to use the power of Facebook to take your business to the next level? If you are being totally honest, it’s likely that you really have no idea at all. How often have you shared links and articles that you believe to be great, only to find that no-one took any notice at all? Again, I’ll bet that the percentage of you who have experienced that is high. So how is it that Facebook can be considered so important for your business when you are getting no results at all? The answer may very well be that you are going about it in the completely wrong way.

There are people out there that have the answers to all of your Facebook Advertisements problems, but they will only reveal them to you if you hand over the cash. If you are thinking of doing that, think again and go check out the free video that will change the way you think about marketing your business via Facebook. This is incredible information that is coming from someone who has been where you are right now, and who found a way to finally make Facebook work for them and their business.

Before the video gets to the meat and bones of what you need to do to succeed on Facebook, you will hear the story of teacher who worked with disabled kids, making $10 per hour for her efforts. As much as she loved her job, she wanted a more stable financial income, which is why she started promoting via Facebook. After a little trial and error, she struck the goldmine that she had been looking for, turning her small business into a 6-figure income in under 6 months. She was making so much at that point, she was able to retire her husband from his stressful job in corporate America.

She wants everyone to be able to have the same kind of success story as she does, which is why the video training webinar is free to watch. She will show you exactly how she leveraged the power of Facebook Advertisements to create a large fan base that she then turned into leads and sales. We are not just talking about selling smaller items that put a few dollars in her pocket, but rather a $500 opt-in program that makes her revenues climb at an incredible rate. In the last 50 days alone she has pulled in 32 sales for that very program. You extend that over a period of time and you can clearly see how a 6-figure income can become a reality.

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Productivity Tips From Top Earners

productivity tipsDo you have a home business that keeps you ridiculously busy, but which doesn’t deliver the type of returns you would expect that keeps you looking for productivity tips? If you do, it may come as some consolation to learn that you are not alone. Plenty of other business owners are in the same boat, working hour after hour, yet not really seeing anything in return. The problem is that while you may be doing a lot of work, you may not necessarily being productive. Perhaps you are wasting too much time on something that won’t really help make you any money. The truth is that there are countless distractions that may seem like they are part of the business, but which are killing productivity.

If you can increase your productivity level, you will actually end up reducing the amount of hours that you put into your business. There are plenty of ways to do this, but knowing what they are and how to set them up in your favor is not as easy as you might imagine. There is someone out there, though, that has the system down to a fine art, and who is now willing to share the productivity tips that took him from being a thirty-something snowboard bum to a guy that now makes over $100,000 per year.

What you have to understand is that the tips he delivers in his powerful 10-minute video are not things that will simply make a minor difference in your average working day. What he shows will increase your productivity level by as much as 300%. Yes, I know that sounds like a complete impossibility, but you will be amazed at how simple to employ these tips are, and how they can make an almost instant change in the way in which you work and run your business.

All told, there are 23 productivity tips included in the video, but I can almost guarantee that they are things you have never seen or heard of before from other so-called gurus. While that 300% number seems ridiculously out of reach, just one of those tips involves employing something that is probably within your reach right now. That little object can mean a 50% increase in your productivity level by simply reaching out and putting it to use. If you can get that kind of result from just a single tip, do you see how your productivity levels can explode when you use them all?

If you reach the end of every day feeling exhausted from the effort you have put in, yet with nothing to show for it all, it’s time you invested 10 minutes of your time to watch the video that could very well change your life. These are all tips that have been proven to work, and which can change the way you look at productivity and your work habits forever. 10 minutes really isn’t a lot of time to invest in the future of your business, so why not do it now?

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How To Syndicate ContentYou will often hear actors talking about how they still make a ton of money from TV show and movies they did years ago, and it’s all because of syndication. Whenever a show gets put into syndication, the money really starts to roll in, with a large chunk of that going to the writers, producers and actors. In some cases, these people make enough money that they need never have to work again. Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn How To Syndicate Content so that it continued to make you money for years and years? Well, now you can, and all you need to do is tune into an amazing webinar in order to get all the details.

If you are in a position where your blog, website, or articles are not getting the attention they deserve, you need to take the time to watch this webinar. I can hear you all now, groaning and asking how much it’s going to cost you to get your hands on this amazing information. The answer is that it’s FREE, with all the information delivered by a number of different online money makers who have used this very system to turn their content into internet gold. These are all people that have been able to turn their online efforts into 6-figure incomes.

Imagine being able to get over 2,500 comments, likes, shares, re-tweets and more on every single piece of content that you create. That is exactly what you will learn how to do by simply taking the time to tune into this FREE webinar. You will receive an absolute ton of attention and traffic by simply using the mazing secret little tool that you will learn all about when you watch. If you are making a little bit of money by getting 100 or so shares for each piece of content, just imagine what 2,500+ will be able to deliver.

The people that make the big money online are those that can get their content to go viral. You often hear about some folks striking lucky and having one video or article hit it big, making a bunch of money in the process. Just think how much those folks would make if they could learn How To Syndicate Content and replicate that viral process over and over again with every piece of content. It’s not all about luck, which is what you will find out when you watch this webinar.

If you don’t take the time to tune in and learn this powerful secret, your competitors are going to leave you in the dust. The way in which business is done online is changing thanks to social networking, and you need to keep up to date of you want your business to survive. You can either continue to plug along making a few bucks here and there from your quality content, or you can watch this amazing FREE webinar and take your business to the next level.

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