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The Shaklee Difference – Dr. Stephen G Chaney

The Shaklee Difference

Most of Shaklee’s competitors excel in marketing. Their web sites and literature tell compelling stories. Every company claims to have the highest quality standards and products backed by outstanding science. They all claim to be the best.

So what is it that truly distinguishes Shaklee from the rest? In my opinion there are five things that make Shaklee stand out from the crowd.

Integrity: To me integrity means three things:

  • No hype or false claims. One reason why other companies are able to tell such compelling stories is that they feel free to make claims that they cannot back up with clinical studies (more about that next week). Shaklee does not resort to hype or false claims in promoting their products. Shaklee has never been asked by the FTC or FDA to retract any of their product claims – something that cannot be said for many of their competitors.
  • No testimonials. One reason why other company’s websites are so compelling is the testimonials. In evaluating testimonials you need to understand that the placebo effect is close to 50% for things like pain relief, energy and feeling of well being That’s why I always ignore testimonials unless they are backed by sound science.
  • No paid endorsements. Endorsements are commodities. They are bought and sold. That’s why I always ignore endorsements by doctors and professional athletes.  So what is the bottom line for you as a consumer? My recommendation is to pay very little attention to testimonials and endorsements. And, of course, remember those venerable words of wisdom “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Just use your common sense.

The Golden Rule. I know that sounds kind of hokey, but by that I mean:

  • Shaklee’s commitment to only make products of proven benefit. Some of you may remember earlier fads concerning chromium picolinate and colloidal minerals. The current fads seem to be magic water and exotic juices. Shaklee has looked at all of those products. They could have made lots of money from marketing those kinds of products, but there was no good evidence that they actually worked – that they provided a real benefit to people using them. So Shaklee chose not to make those products.
  • Shaklee’s commitment to only make products that will do no harm. Some of you may remember those weight loss products containing ephedra (ma huang) from a few years ago. Shaklee evaluated ephedra for their weight loss products. It is effective at increasing metabolic rate, but it also causes arrhythmia – it kills people. That was abundantly clear from the scientific literature at that time. Of course, Shaklee chose to not use ephedra in their weight loss products. But many of their competitors used it – until enough people died that the FDA stepped in and banned ephedra.
  • Shaklee’s commitment to make their products as natural as possible. We are exposed to too many toxic chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Because of that I prefer to avoid artificial ingredients in the supplements that I take. I have seen the list of artificial ingredients that Shaklee will not use. It’s the size of a small telephone book. And that list includes sucralose. While many experts will assure you that sucralose is safe, other experts aren’t so sure.

My rule of thumb is to not knowingly consume any artificial ingredient unless it has been in the food supply for at least 20 years and is still considered safe.If you think about it, we have been assured by the “experts” that other artificial ingredients were safe only to have the FDA announce years latter “Oops – we were wrong”. I prefer to avoid the “Oops” factor. Shaklee’s list of ingredients that they will never use also includes GMO ingredients. Again, this is a controversial area, but I believe that there are too many unresolved environmental and health concerns around GMO foods.

So what is the bottom line for you as a consumer?

It is difficult for the layperson to evaluate the efficacy and safety of an ingredient or product, but you can become a discerning label reader. I would recommend avoiding supplements containing artificial colors, preservatives and sweeteners (including sucralose). And for food products (shakes, bars and gels) I would also recommend avoiding them unless the label specifically states that they use non GMO ingredients.

To Your Health!

Dr. Stephen G Chaney

Is Shaklee Really Just A 50 Year Old Scam?

Shaklee A Scam ?

Every business opportunity
that hits the internet usually has to hear the screams of scam from the buying public. The Shaklee model is no different, but rather than just listen to, or ignore, the cries of foul, let’s instead take a look to see if the scam claims are legitimate with this one.

Shaklee was founded over 50 years ago by Dr. Forrest Shaklee, who had devoted 40 years of his life to researching vitamins and minerals. At that time, people didn’t really understand the health benefits of a daily vitamin, so in order to get the word out, Shaklee opted to follow the MLM business model in hopes that with a one on one interaction, potential customers would understand how taking vitamins could be a viable, healthy option. So, to recap, we have a company that was on the cutting edge of an industry that is now a multi-billion dollar going concern, and that has also outlasted almost its entire young, upstart competitor’s.

So far so good, but the Shaklee name really came to prominence in 2004 when the company was purchased by billionaire investor Roger Barnett, who is still the CEO of the company at the present time. Under his guidance, Shaklee became a household name, aided by features on such shows as Rachael Ray and Oprah, who included Shaklee products in her annual list of favorite things; a ringing endorsement indeed, but it doesn’t stop there.

Since their inception, Shaklee has laid out over $250 million in research and development of their products, and have expanded their business to 7 countries. Their products are used by NASA, and the US Olympic Ski Team, of which they are a major sponsor. That sort of visibility and acceptance does not sound like it would be from a company that is out to defraud anyone, so where do all the scam claims come from?

It can actually come from a couple of places, and usually starts with people who hear Multi-Level Marketing and automatically assume that it’s some sort of illegal Ponzi scheme, but in truth, the worst of those usually don’t involve a physical product, and are instead usually just money pyramids. Plus, you have to remember that most of those schemes come tumbling down in very short order, and I can’t think of one that lasted 50 weeks, never mind 50 years.

The other type of people who will loudly voice their opinion are those that have failed in the system; it’s far easier to point a finger at the company than blame yourself for failing. Getting involved in any MLM requires hard work and effort on the part of whomever signs up; if they don’t do that they will fail, and unfortunately many choose to drag the company name through the mud after they quit. Others will try and fail, but Shaklee will still be there, long after those people have gone, because the truth is, they are a legitimate successful company, and definitely not a scam.

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Established Business or Great New Pre-Launch ?


If you are an internet marketing novice or experienced vet looking for something different, which should choose, an Established Business or Great New Pre-Launch ? Let me offer some thoughts on both.

Established Business

In this day and age, the words “job security” has become something of an oxymoron; jobs are scarce and security is scarcer still. That’s not to say that it’s all doom and gloom, as there are still many companies that are thriving during these tough economic times, and they are usually the ones that have a long history and track record of financial success. Aligning yourself with one of those companies, whilst no guarantee of security, certainly raises the odds in your favor.

The same principles apply when it comes to attempting to make a living online. The internet is riddled with new business hype and unverified claims of overnight success, so much so, that it has become increasingly difficult for people to separate the good from the bad, the scam from the genuine online business opportunity. What if I told you that there was a 50 year old, firmly established company that is looking to expand in the online market and is looking for a few good men and women to share the wealth with? I’m sure that would peak the interest of even the most skeptical online business seeker.

Shaklee is that company, and a little glance at their details gives you a good reason to get excited at the prospect. As mentioned earlier, they are a 50 year old company, and they have just been picked up by a successful businessman (Mr. X) who has a proven track record of transforming the companies he runs into billion dollar success story. He has already done so four times in the past, and with this company expecting a 1000% growth over the next decade, he looks set to do it again.

During that 50 year span, this company has paid out over 5 billion dollars in commissions, and with their brand-new proven recruitment system in place, they are setting up their people with the ability to succeed and cash in on their expected future growth. I realize that to many this will sound like more of the same sort of overblown hype that has been used by other online businesses over the years, but none of those could back up their claims in the way that Shakleecan.

Take a look at their website, and then submit your information to see a video where all will be revealed. The identity of the mysterious Mr. X is in there, as is a detailed breakdown of how you can become involved, and just how much you can realistically expect to earn. If you are struggling to pay your bills, or are just looking to get ahead, then you owe it to yourself and your family to check this one out.

Great New Pre-Launch

Every day, I average over 100 emails introducing me to the next big thing, or the Great New Pre-Launch in the history of mankind ! I even get emails from folks offering to pay my startup costs and guarantee 100k sign-ups in a month with a guarantee that I will be able to tell my boss to shove it after on 3 months ! Seriously ? Come on!

Here a just a couple examples of the email titles that kill me…”{firstname}, This New Software Make Profits Without Traffic!” ( they sent the email to FIRSTNAME !)…”5x’s Bigger Than The Internet”….”I Will Pay To Get Your Started”..or how about this exact Title I received from 43 people in 2 days…”***$73,625 my First Year and $533,345 Potential”. They didn’t even change the dollar amounts ! Copy/Paste ? Lazy, worthless crap. You know it and I know it.

This garbage is where people go when they firmly believe they just have to try the Next Big Thing. This one will work for me.

Quit Chasing Dreams

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