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Any successful business venture, online or otherwise, relies on a strong customer base in order to take off, and every successful business owner must understand the basics of landing quality targeted leads. Unfortunately those customers don’t just show up unbidden; there is work that has to be done in order to attract them to your product or service. One way to pick up new customers is to find a way to track down quality leads, and there are many online services that are willing to help you find those by offering training and a hands-on series of tips that will help the novice and professional marketer alike.

The basics of landing quality targeted leads are fairly straightforward and usually begin with a small teaser that will be of interest to people that are in the market for your service. This could be a small freebie like a “how to” type e-book or something else along those lines.

People who pick up on this initial offering then need to be followed up with, but not in a hard sell type manner. Rather this is just used to establish a more personal relationship, and it’s usually as simple as asking if they enjoyed the freebie and if they have any questions about your service.

The next step is to make an another free offer, such as a trial of your service, as this will really separate the quality leads from those who are just tire kicking and looking to see what they can get for nothing. If the numbers of those types are far greater than the genuinely interested, then it may be time to re-think your initial offering.

Tweaking your offer is a great way to find what really works, and in turn will generate new leads as word of mouth about your service spreads. It’s only once you have separated the quality lead from the genuinely uninterested that the hard sell should then take place. If a person sticks with you through the initial offering and the entire follow-up process, chances are they are ready to bite.

That may seem like a straightforward process, but in truth it’s a rather simplified overview of what really has to take place to get those laser targeted leads, and that cannot be done without any sort of prior experience in lead generation. This is why, for most people at least, it’s essential to look at one of the many free webinar style options currently available online. It may mean going through a lot of materials and listening to a lot of marketing type talk, but if you can latch on to an expert who has been through the process many, many times, then the lessons learned will become invaluable when it comes time to put them into practice in your own business model.

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