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productivity3 Simple Ways To Increase Productivity

Every single person in the world has something that makes them totally unique, yet we all have how want to know how to increase productivity. That would be the number of hours in the day, and days in the year. We al also have other things that get in the way of productivity.

We all have work, as well as things that need to be accomplished outside of that time, including family commitments, and more. We need to eat, sleep, and try to find time to stay healthy.

It seems impossible to maintain a high level of productivity given all that needs to be done, yet there are some people who make it look easy. How do they do it?

Here are 3 simple hacks that will take your productivity to the next level

  1. Be productive in short bursts

Believe it or not, there have been studies done which prove that fiercely focusing on a task for a short period of time before taking a break helps you be more productive than working in an open-ended fashion.

This is known as the Pomodoro technique, and it suggests that you work hard for 25 minutes before taking a 5 minute break. This technique works really well, as it allows you to focus all your attention for a relatively short period of time that seems perfectly manageable.

It’s easy to lose track of time, so consider setting a timer in order to stay within the constraints of this timed technique.

Allow me to give you a personal example of how this works. It used to take me as long as 90 minutes to create and write an article for my blog, but I now have that down to 25 minutes. It should be noted that I do have a title and subject planned out before I begin. I don’t have to waste time thinking about that once I get started.

  1. Create Tighter Deadlines

Before you undertake any new project, think about how you might be able to complete it sooner than expected. More often than not, we wade into projects without thinking, only to find that we are taking several unnecessary steps along the way.

Investing some time before you begin may end up allowing you to create a path to completion that is shorter and a whole lot more effective.

Think about your outcome first, and then take a few minutes to put together a strategy that will help you determine a realistic deadline. The amount of time that you will save over the long haul by doing this is almost immeasurable.

  1. Reward Yourself

When you have gone through an incredibly productive period, it is important that you take a moment to reward yourself. This can be something as simple as a congratulatory pat on the back, or something more tangible, such as a nice dinner or some time away from work to do something fun. Make the reward something that fit the size of the completed project. A hard day’s work might earn you a good meal, while a project that took weeks to complete might earn you a few days off.

Being the boss of yourself means that you need to recognize when you are doing good work. If you constantly feel as though you are working with no reward, you are going to feel down on yourself, which is always a productivity killer.

Working hard will reap great benefits, but in order to stay positive and ready to produce, you have to be doing what you love at work and away from it.

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